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Lacy Wright III, CEO

Lacy Wright III has over 19 years of experience in security, investigations, corrections, police law enforcement, and the protection field. He held positions at Clark Atlanta University, Union City Police, and the Morehouse Police Department before starting his own security company. Lacy has utilized his extensive skills and training to advance his career in the security industry. 


The Eagle Eye Protection business philosophy is to provide the highest quality of specialized security services to all its facilities. Its policy is to utilize and retain only those security force personnel, who display the highest standards of professionalism and leadership attributes while in the performance of their assigned security tasks and duties as specified in the contract. All contractor personnel, while on the company's premises, are expected to adhere to the highest standards of conduct, duty performance, work ethics and overall professionalism in their daily performance of duties.  


The mission of our security force is to provide security services in accordance with stated provisions in the contract specifications respond to conditions of fire, theft, vandalism, trespass and protect company property and people.  


The basic functions of the security force will be varied, but will center on protection of people and company property. Normally, these functions will involve patrolling company installations, guarding areas against unlawful entry, controlling access, escorting visitors and vendors after hours and enforcing company rules, policies, procedures and directives. Security officers will also provide deterrence against fire, theft, vandalism, trespass and assist in the elimination of safety hazards and security breaches. In some cases, security officers will be called upon to assist in the detection and detention of persons guilty of committing offenses on the company property  

Regardless of the presence of structural, mechanical or electronic security supplements, the human element in security operations makes the difference between success and failure in the protection program. The members of the security force are tasked to provide the necessary deterrence to crime against company property and people, and accurately report and record all transgressions and incidents. The local police force will provide the enforcement support for criminal acts committed on the company property.  

We've earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our company is locally owned, so you always get prompt service.  

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“Eagle Eye was extremely professional, polite and thorough in their security detail. I’ve worked with many security companies in the past, and I can say without a doubt that my experience with Eagle Eye has surpassed every experience in the past.” M. Stone Production Manager, Dyventive

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